IWC Top Gun

IWC recently launched three branded-new exclusive shop special watches to add new members to its Pilot TOPGUN, among which one is large Pilot perpetual calendar wrist watch, one is the large Pilot watch and another is the Pilot chronograph, and all of these three watches bring Eye-catching color for this series. These three IWC watches respectively use the red, green and blue pointers and time scales, which makes it fresh and new. They are sold at the global IWC exclusive shops.

The IWC further expands its popular pilot series wrist watch in the market. Three new watch are ready to show up, TOP GUN series wrist watch family also is able to grow stronger. The name of this series comes from the Special training course “tactical fighter guidance” provided by the United States navy fighter defense schools (the famous alias for Top Gun). Anyone who can rein the most modern jets and successfully complete all the course will become the best-trained, fastest and most brave elite pilot of the world-class.

IWC Pilot TOP GUN perpetual calendar special edition Ref. IW502903
Jet instrument display screen will be displayed in different colors in the night, while the IWC designers are inspired by it and designed these three new special edition watches: the TOP GUN naval combat troops perpetual calendar special edition with red pointers and time scales (model IW502903); the large Pilot TOP GUN naval combat troops special edition with green pointers and time scales (model IW501903); The Pilot series TOP GUN naval air force timing chronograph special edition with blue pointers and time scales (model IW388003). The watch case material of this series use ceramic (zro2), and the watch bottom and watch crown are made of the titanium mental, which is durable and light in weight, and comfortable for wearing. What’s more , these three new watches are equipped with soft black straps.

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