Where can buy the cheapest Cartier watches?

Because of European recession, coupled with the euro devalue, demand is not strong, a lot of watches industry are reducing inventories, so the discount will be more. Travel to Europe, generally in accordance with the visa, the Chinese entry is either from France or Germany. According to your entry country and travel route, you need to make your purchase plan. According to the information I have collected, generally speaking, Paris is the best place to buy Cartier watches with the cheapest price. Germany, because of the national character and the system problems of the watch industry, it is difficult to have satisfactory price, so it is not recommended to buy Cartier in Germany.

Buying Cartier in Paris, France, it is generally going to Galeries Lafayette department store or printemps, where there are Cartier counters, a lot of elderly tourists buy Cartier watches here for their children or relatives and friends, and here uses two big European tax refund company, so the proportion of cash rebates are smaller, with only about 10.8%, according to France’s tax rate it refunds 19.6%, in addition to the condition that consumption tax is not retreated, generally you can refund 16%, whose differential section is earned by the refund company and businesses in the form of fees. Galeries lafayette and printemps department stores will have 10% commission guide Settings, so this is one of costs that the tourists need to pay. So it is visible that purchasing goods here is not a wise choice.

So, according to my introduction, the city of fashion Paris is the best choice to buy the cheapest Cartier watch, but these problems are not absolute, and it is not advisable to buy a Cartier watch by simply flying to France, and you need to weigh the various aspects in details to make your final choice.

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